MSK Non-Operative

Non-Operative techniques for MSK Regenerative Medicine Therapies.

The Future of Medicine

Aesthetics & Anti-Aging

Sexual Medicine

Through the application of the latest techniques using stem cells and PRP (platelet rich plasma) the benefits of regenerative therapies are now realized in cosmetic facial rejuvenation, aesthetic rejuvenation of the body, skin and wound healing, hair restoration, and dermatology. ISRegen faculty teaches the latest cutting-edge technologies in this emerging interdisciplinary field and the latest ever-changing standards and protocols for aesthetic and anti-aging treatments.

Stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.  These conditions include erectile dysfunction, vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal dryness contributing to painful sexual intercourse, help with female incontinence and improving sexual sensitivity.  Utilizing evidence based medicine, ISRegen faculty teach practitioners the latest standards and protocols in sexual regenerative medicine.

MSK Non-Operative


Stem cells and Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) represent a new therapeutic option for many non-operative sports medicine and spinal conditions. Platelets release various cytokines and growth factors which promote angiogenesis, tissue remodeling, and wound healing. ISRegen faculty teaches practitioners on evidence-based non-surgical uses, protocols, and techniques of stem cells and PRP in chronic tendinopathies, soft tissue tears, arthritis, and wound healing.

Orthobiologics is evolving and significantly influencing the modern orthopedic surgical practice. ISRegen faculty offers practitioners a better understanding of the role of various growth factors and cells in the process of tendon healing, ligament repair, cartilage regeneration and bone formation in many chronic musculoskeletal ailments. Faculty presents published results of laboratory as well as clinical studies, using orthobiologics like platelet rich plasma, stem cells, autologous conditioned serum etc., with a focus on orthopedic surgical uses. 

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